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I was alone, not knowing what to do. So I thought for a very long time. Did I have feelings for Lightning? I was confused. Not knowing what to do.  So I put my head into my hands and had tears fall into my palms. Lightning was still in my room and thought to himself too. He had thought long and hard. Then he started teleporting everywhere. As I was sobbing, a white image had appeared in front of me. I looked up at him, as it was Lightning. I was about to teleport again but he grabbed my arm. "Hey! Let go!" I tried getting him to release with my other hand then he grabbed it. I tried pulling away, and then I looked into his eyes. A gorgeous sky blue. I was practically hypnotized by only his deep blue eyes. I got so mesmerized I hugged him instead of fighting. He was surprised and stared at me, then put his arms around me, hugging me back. The hug had made me feel better and I didn't hate Lightning anymore. So maybe I do have feelings for him, because he was my best friend. We broke the hug and I pulled my head up. We looked at each other and I started to blush. I tried leaning in for a kiss, but it was too late. A figure had emerged and I looked and saw Eggman. I rolled my eyes and asked, "what are you doing here Eggman?"  Lightning looked at Eggman and glared. Eggman didn't say anything. He laughed mischievously and shot a machine, and almost hit me. "ah!" I fell to the ground and Lightning pulled me back up. I smiled at him then looked back at Eggman. He laughed once again as he was about to take another shot. I rained on his weapon and it broke. Eggman turned around and started flying away. "oh your not leaving so soon..." Lightning watched the plane try to escape, but then zapped his plane and Eggman fell to the ground and started running back to his base. I smiled looked at Lightning. He had smiled too. Suddenly, I pulled his shirt making him come towards me and kissed him.
Well, I just got bored and i bet some of ya want to see the next part. So here it is. I was gonna end it here, but i remembered something HUGE that happened before Light moved....But i'll save that until the next part.
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November 30, 2012
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